“Lay’s Guitar Shop” custom builds

I have been told many times when people look at our custom built guitars, “I didn’t know you guys build guitars!” Yes we have been and for many years.

We have been making the “ToneNation” Guitars for some time and are very proud of the ideas and improvements that we made to a LP style guitar. We felt it was time to move ahead.  We know are making our own label “Lay’s Guitar Shop” guitars. The Lay’s name is well known in the vintage market. We are known for the best repair, restoration and refinish of all vintage stringed instruments and basses. we have decades of this expertise and decide to make use of that knowledge in making our own guitars of the same name and reputation. So these are an example of some of them. Enjoy!

The t-style guitars were finished up for unveiling at the Columbus Guitar show January 11, 2015. We received many great reviews and compliments as the “best guitars at the show”. And we believe that they are!


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